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Eggplant "Chips"

Peel a medium-sized eggplant
slice it in 1/2 inch rounds.
Spray an oven pan or just brush some olive oil on it (if you are concerned about cholesterol,add liquid lecithin to the oil. Don't worry, it won't make the chips taste bad!) Then, soak the rounds for a while in cold water with a little salt.
After about 10 or 15 minutes, pull them out, pat them dry a bit with a
paper towel. Then sprinkle them generously with granulated or powdered garlic on both sides and bake them until they are crispy. They are very tasty!
If you want a change or if you
are not a garlic lover, you can
use powdered onion to substitute
the garlic. If you have a mill, you can also grind and use a mixture of equal parts of garlic, onion powder and dried basil. You may change the recipe acccording to your personal taste, as you try the different variations.
If you have some good homemade spaghetti sauce, you can dab a little on them while they bake as well, making another variation.
The Perfect Recipe
To 1 cup of laughter
add 1/2 tablespoon sunshine
1 tsp. or 2 tsps. cheerfulness
1 cup hope
1 1/2 cups patience
3 tablespoons grace
mix in lots of prayer and love
stir well and spread over anything you're having.

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