Gluten Free Vegan Potato Tortillas

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These gluten free potato tortillas are really easy to make. They are tasty, vegan and versatile. You can eat them as is with any sidekick of your choice, like a serving of any of our vegan sausages, you can spread them with vegan sour cream or cheese. You can also top them with your favorite sauce or salsa!

6 potatoes of a good size, boiled
1 cup tofu, drained and mashed
1/4 cup brown rice flour (or you can pulverize uncooked rice in your blender and use that)
1/4 cup sweet rice flour or pulverized white rice
3 generous tablespoons cornstarch
1 Tbsp. olive oil
1 tbsp. onion powder
1/2 tsp. garlic powder
Salt to taste
1 cup soy milk, plain (you could also use rice milk, so long as it is unsweetened)

Peel and mashe the potatoes with the milk and the tofu, add all the rest of the ingredients, blending well.
Heat up a little bit of olive oil in a large skillet and add the mixture by large tablespoonfuls and press gently down to form the tortillas, wait till the edge is golden brown begore you flip them with a large spatula.
Cook on both sides till golden brown.
These are not to the kind you use to wrap things in, but they are absolutely delicious!

Yield: 6 Medium tortillas

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