Very Easy Tropical Dessert

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You may have seen them at well-stocked supermarkets, things that look like over-grown bananas. They are called plantains and they can make some of the most wonderful, and exotic (yet easiest) recipes you can make!

If you don't see them at your local supermarket, try either a Filipino or a Latino market, usually you will find them there.

There are some good tips to buy them:

1. NEVER buy a plantain whose skin is black!

2. NEVER buy a plantian that has white blotches on it (fungus)

3. It is okay if the yellow skin has black spots, so long as the plantain is firm and looks healthy.

Here's a wonderful but very easy recipe for a delicious plantain dessert:

Orangey Tropical Dessert

2 large ripe plantains, peeled (to peel them, cut both ends off, run a knife all the way down --not too deep into the peel--and begin to lift the peel, chet your fingers under it and begin to pull it off, if the plantain is ripe, it will come off easily.)

1/2 tsp. vanilla

2 Tbsp. all fruit orange jelly

A little bit of water (if needed)

Preheat the oven to 350ยบ F.

If the jelly is too thick, you will have to put it in a blender with a little bit or water to make it easier to apply (try to get one that will not be so thick that it won't "run" over something).

Place your peeled plantains in a greased bake dish or greased baking pan. Make diagonal slashes on them with a knife to speed up baking (but do not cut all the way through!)

In a small bowl, mix the vanilla and the jelly, with a spatula or a kitchen brush apply the jelly-vanilla mixture in a "painting" motion, covering all the plantains thoroughly.

Put in the oven and bake for about 30 mintutes until they are golden (watch them occasionally so they won't burn!)


Coconut Ambrosia

You can prepare the recipe as above and once you are ready to bake them, sprinkle powdered
coconut over the jellied plantains.

Hidden Treassure

Make the diagonal slashes deeper and stick some raisins in there, then, close as much as you can and "paint" the jelly on. Use pineapple if you can!

I'm sure you get the idea. Come up with your own recipe!

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