Prunilda (a delicious probiotic smoothie)

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If you have never tried vegan probiotic smoothies, I invite you to try this one! They're a delicious way to invigorate your colon health while you enjoy a delicious drink. Prunilda is a fun drink with a fun name, but a very healthy drink indeed!

8 oz. of soy, rice or almond milk per serving
1 peeled, seeded and chopped apple of your choice (sweet varieties are best)
4 seeded dried prunes per serving, chopped
3 capsules of acidophilus per serving
2 tsp cane or brown sugar
Optional, 1 tsp. vanilla

This is how you prepare Prunilda.
The night before you drink it or at least 3 hours before serving, peel and seed the apple, and chunk it. Chop the prunes and drop them into a blender with the milk of your choice, the sugar and the vanilla. Process till smooth. Pour into a glass jar or pitcher that has a lid and opening the probiotic capsules and stir with a spoon. Cover and let it rest. The acidophilus will feed on the sugar and the sweetness of the fruit, fermenting the milk. It would grow volumes. Unless you leave this for a long time, you will not feel the difference in the drink, but your body will, and it will thank you for it. You can have Prunilda cold or at room temperature.


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